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Electrical - Installation

The electrical system mainly consists of; Distribution Panel, Breakers, Sub Panels, Disconnects, Wire, Cable, Conduit, Junction Boxes, Switches, Receptacles and other Controls.

Xtreme Electrical Services can assure you that your electrical system is installed and operating at its best. We have a reputation for high-quality work that is done on schedule. The experience level of our electricians allows them to tackle even the most challenging jobs in today's state of the art homes. Let us be your best friends when it comes to installing, and servicing any electrical product in your home or business.

Lighting - Sales, Consulting, Design and Planning

To achieve the most effective designs, we take into consideration the individual requirements needed to make all techniques work for you.

Our experienced lighting and electrical design consultants can help you plan your entire lighting and electrical layout by working with floor plans, blue prints, and/or on site consultations.

All designs are flexible and can be modified to meet your highest expectations.
We will not select decorative light fixtures based on aesthetical properties alone; we will assure that it can function as needed for its purpose.

Here are some of the key factors that we consider when designing a project. 

• An adequate amount of visibility

• A great quality of light

• Efficiency

• Materials made with high durability and strong finishes

We will also work together with all contractors (Architects, Builders, Interior Decorators, etc.).

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