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Like everything else in life, there will always be a need for maintenance. relamping and cleaning fixtures that may be to high to reach, calibrating or reprogramming controls, and testing.

It is important for back-up batteries in smoke detectors and other alarm type devices for emergency equipment to be functional and lighting in critical areas such as entrance and exit areas, stairways, hallways, and parking areas to be functional.

Excellent maintenance programs are available and affordable. Whether you select a monthly, quarterly, or annual maintenance plan it will help you quickly identify and correct any electrical safety hazards in your home or business before it can become a threat.

When you enroll in a maintenance program Xtreme Electrical Services, Inc. will inspect the electrical systems to ensure that you and your family are safe.

Following the inspection we will provide you with a report of findings and recommendations and, if necessary, quote you with an estimate for any needed repairs.

What we do:

• Inspect service distribution panel and tighten all connections

• Test circuits for overloads

• Verify circuit breakers for sizing of branch circuits

• Test, clean, and change batteries in all smoke detectors and carbon moxide detectors

• Test all ground fault circuit interrupters (receptacles and breaker type) for proper

• Perform infrared temperature scan of circuit breakers for potential "hot spots"


● 10% discount on repairs
● Safety and security
● Reduced risk of fire
● Priority dispatching and service scheduling
● Identify potential problems early creating cost savings
● Automatically schedule regular maintenance and inspections

This maintenance agreement does not include normal wear and tear from your system. Should a part need replaced or repaired due to breakdown, this will be covered by our three-year parts warranty and one-year labor guarantee. No matter what, you are covered.

Maintenance Agreement Other
you may ask what about a maintenance agreement if I already have a system in place but need regular maintenance? Not a problem! The better you maintain your system, the longer it will last and will be less expensive to operate. We understand this and are here to help.

As a condition of this program--We agree:

1. to perform the above routine check-up annually
2. to instruct you in the operation of your equipment
3. to provide you with priority service dispatching
4. to quote you an exact written cost for any repairs that we recommend
5. to give you a 10% discount off our regular price list for the duration of this agreement on work performed on this property 

You agree

1. to operate the equipment according to the manufacturer's instructions
2. to promptly notify us of any unusual conditions
3. to allow our technicians to perform the check-up

For more information or to sign-up: Call us at (732) 376-1400 or info@xtremeelectric.com

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